Fugitives was given the task of redesigning the logo for Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii. The original Aulani logo was created with Hawaii and the Aulani Resort property in mind. The arch is a symbol that represents a traditional Hawaiian canoe house and also echoes the architecture of the resort property. While conceptually well-grounded, the logo had been a continued challenge for the brand as it was not visually well-grounded and did not read clearly across multiple mediums.


We believed that there was equity in the existing logo and did not want to abandon that. The curved Aulani Resort logo arch is based on a traditional Hawaiian canoe house, as echoed in the framing of the Maka‘ala lobby and throughout the Resort. These canoes are at the very heart of what makes Hawaiian culture Hawaiian. These canoes brought the original Hawaiians to the island and express the highest form of artistry, engineering, and social cooperation that Hawaiian culture stands for.

With respect to the former Aulani Resort identity, Hawaiian culture, tradition, and the Aulani Resort, we created a new inspirational shape that captures and frames the original Aulani Resort arch in an elegant and unique way. We call this shape the Canoe Paddle


The canoe paddle

A new contemporary design with respect to the former logo, and even further steeped in Hawaiian culture. This new mark, now with even greater metaphorical meaning, is a mark that can work in all mediums and platforms, and stands out as a recognizable and modern identity.

Color palette

Earlier palettes did not take into proper consideration Hawaii, Hawaiian culture, or the Aulani property itself. We took inspiration from all of these sources to create a palette that is contemporary and sophisticated, and also respectful of the Disney brand.


The new campaign: Let your legend begin

Storytelling is in the Hawaiian tradition as much as it is part of the Disney DNA, and we are also continually writing our own family story. In every Disney story, Hawaiian story, and personal family story people learn lessons and are the heroes of their lives. Aulani Resort is no different.

The memories you make at Aulani feel like they can be legends of their own. They belong to you but are made possible by the uniqueness of this place and the transforming experiences you have.

In this campaign, we use tales of Hawaiian lore to describe specific family trips to Aulani Resort. Each story comes with its own lessons, discoveries, and adventures—experiences as legendary as a trip to Aulani Resort itself.







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