Vacaya came to Fugitives with the challenge of building a new brand from the ground up. Vacaya, a LGBTQ travel company, was seeking to separate its self from the competition, to set sail as a new brand and kick the business off with an exciting, yet tasteful look and feel that would immediately attract new customers into this unique space.


Fugitives created a complete, multi-dimensional brand for Vacaya, starting with the name. This challenge included Fugitives' development of Vacaya's tone, colors, and style - including the development of the website and merchandise.

The centerpiece for all brand messaging is Vacaya's creative platform/tagline “open sea. open mind.” The spirit of the “openness” platform is the fact that no one but Vacaya can create a cruise and resort experience filled with incredible, carefree moments of connection and togetherness within the LGBTQ community.


Life on the open sea is what you make it. 

It's savoring the good times, finding beauty in the details, and just having more time...

To appreciate old friends and discover new ones...

To appreciate the moments you spend connecting, laughing, and having fun. 

It's a place where you feel part of a bigger family. 

Where the possibilities are endless, exciting, sensual, and life-changing. 

These experiences connect us to each other the open our minds and unify our rhythm.   

This is the spirit of VACAYA.


The Vacaya logo features their new signature icon, the canted “C” represents their openness of spirit, inclusion, and diversity.  Also centered is a “North Star” representing a continual mission to guide guests toward these ideals. The strong angles of the letterforms act to reinforce the design of the open “C” and North Star.


VACAYA will become the world’s premier LGBTQ provider of bespoke, large-scale vacation experiences both on land and at sea, with exclusive entertainment, elaborate parties, customize adventures, and a strong charitable initiative on each trip. Our mission is to give our guests the opportunity to connect through shared experiences and strong common interests in a relaxed, fun, welcoming environment.
Open sea. Open mind.

"Welcome to Vacaya. A fun filled tailored vacation for like-minded adults who long to connect, celebrate, and recharge."




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