Adventures by Disney launches a new itinerary every year. Most recently it was our task to create a compelling campaign to launch their new Rhône River Cruise itinerary through various social platforms.

Adventures by Disney journeys are feasts for the senses. The sights you see, and the colors you glimpse, are simply unforgettable. We want people to explore the newest itinerary in a brand new and visually interesting way, letting them truly discover “The Local Color.”


Shooting for a campaign, and at the same time capturing assets needed for a multitude of
purposes in far-flung countries is always a challenge on limited budgets.  We traveled with a small video crew and an embedded photographer racing from location-to-location along the Rhone River capturing authentic moments with real families having the adventure of a lifetime. 

The result: When we originally launched the brand platform "Let's Adventure Together" the new campaign generated an 80% increase in bookings in the first quarter and a 55% increase over the previous year. The business made a rapid shot to profitability and is now in the black. The launch of the Rhone River Cruise further pushed bookings beyond expectations, selling out in the first several weeks. The client conducted research into identifying why the business was magically doing so well. The findings: it was identifiable through clear and approachable marketing leaving the brand with an ownable and differentiated voice.


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