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Logo / Tagline / Collateral / Campaign / Production / Post - Production

Campaign / Production / Post - Production

Logo / Tagline / Collateral / Graphics / Production / Post - Production

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Fugitives is a "swiss army knife" type of agency. They combine the right tools and resources necessary to maximize project budgets for the most effective results.


We believe that the foundation of any project and the creative choices you make along the way are based upon strong strategy and market research.   When these work together, the goals and objectives become clearer and the end result is that much more effective.  At Fugitives, we believe that strong creative comes from good conversations.  


If a brand is a visual representation of an organization's persona, then we strive to make it as well rounded and full-formed as possible while maintaining the flexibility to discover and evolve as the world changes around it.  We believe that adaptation is the key to longevity and success. 


Creating visual elements that represent a brand's persona is no small feat.  Every detail has to create a feeling and identifiable expression for the brand to become to life.  We've reached all over the globe to find just the right designers who can manifest this monumental task.   We look for big ideas and out of the box thinkers who can deliver uniquely ownable branding attributes for our clients.


We believe that the campaign and brand should be different from each other while establishing a mother / daughter type of relationship.  The brand needs to influence the campaign but not define it.   With this mentality, we try to use every campaign to connect to the viewer's emotional memory and build stories that are remembered and promote the key objectives. 


Aligning ourselves with premium production teams that can dovetail into our process is key to the success of every shoot.  These resources have been collected and cultivated over many years to have numerous award-winning film, documentary, and digital content creators at our disposal.


Fugitives started in the early '90s as an editorial shop.  Through the years we have successfully completed thousands of tv spots, videos, content, and animation for some of the world's most influential companies.  The knowledge and experience we bring to every project are seen through the variety of executions that always have a focus on strong visual storytelling.  Here is where we open up the possibilities and expand the creative to a new level. 

Q-Wunder Fugitives'

​Fugitives steps into the world of the animated series ​Q-wunder​ as the lead creative editorial, character animation, and visual effects team….


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